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About Atlas Engineering Company

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About Atlas Engineering Company


Atlas Power    


  • Ring Main Unit (RMU)
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)
  • Compact Sub-Station (CSS)
  • Load Break Switch (LBS)
  • HTMC Panel, Metering Cubicle, Metering Panel, CT and PT Metering
  • HRC Fuse, AVT Fuse, PT Fuse,
  • 11/22/33/66 kV G.O.A.B Switch
  • 11/22/33/66 kV Drop Out fuse
  • 11/22/33/66 kV Horn gap Fuse
  • 11/22/33/66/120/220/400 kv Operating Rod
  • 11/22/33/66/120/220/400 kv Discharging Rod
  • CI, MS and GI Hardware Fittings
  • Transformer and CTPT
  • Aluminium, Brass and Copper metal parts and connectors
  • Polymer Insulator, Silicon Insulators, Trasmission Insulators
  • Porcelain HT and LT Insulators.
  • Earthing material and Maintenance free Earthing Electrode
  • Shockproof Equipment and Fire Safety Material.
  • Street Light Pole
  • ACSR and AAAC Conductors
  • RMU Load Break Switch and Isolator
  • Gel Earthing and Chemical Earthing
  • GI Earthing Strip and GI Earthing Plate
  • CI Earthing Cover and Earthing Cover
  • GI Earthing Wire and Copper Earthing Wire
  • Copper Earthing Strip and Copper Earthing Plate
  • Air Break Switch and Disconnecting Switch
  • Hightension Switchgears and Sub-Station Equipment
  • Lightning Arrester and Aluminum Clamp and Connector
  • Street Light Pole and Aluminum Ladder

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